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Had the same issues about a week ago with Verizon on Wilma. After much frtoartuisn, I cancelled my account and switched to AT&T and bought an iPhone. Do it, it will be the best switch youve ever made
Awww!!! Shes so stinkin cute!!! I think she looks a lot like you, deitlifeny has your eyes!!! Very cute! Keep posting pics!! I hope you love the Ergo as much as I do! )
The answer of an epxert. Good to hear from you.
Dana,This is the first time I had access to the link to your blog (I love Facebook), thus the first time I was able to check out your blog. I had a coltmepe readathon today while Olivia napped,and while Im a bit too late to comment on all of the past en
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Play informative for me, Mr. internet wreitr.
1)yippee maya!!!! how great is this! 2)how cute and grown-up looking is she with her hair down 3)how sweet to hear the exnetimect in your voice and 4) doesn everyone watch their videos with their head at a 90 degree angle ;-)
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