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Hurricane Wilma 2005
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Hurricane Wilma 2005
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Title:Hurricane Wilma 2005
Category:Wilma 2005 (12 pictures)
Dimensions:1024 x 768 px
Submitted by:Hanno_zenith
Added on:October 21, 2005 11:12:13 PM
File name:Wima_2005_5_l.jpg
File size:125Kb
Rating:2.21 / 5 with 390 votes
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Direct path:http://www.xcalak.info/scripts/gallery/uploads/News/Wilma 2005/Wima_2005_5_l.jpg
Tags:Hurricane Wilma 2005
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10. Had the same issues about a week ago with Verizon on Wilma. After much frtoartuisn, I cancelled my account and switched to AT&T and bought an iPhone. Do it, it will be the best switch youve ever made
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3. I would somewhat suspirred if you didn get another wave of moisture at a minimum next week. If it is a true storm or not is always tough as neither of those last two waves were named. Although they will in the end say they should have named the first
Posted by Guest on October 22, 2005 04:05:31 AM
2. life is a beach
Posted by Rudolf on October 22, 2005 03:10:19 AM
1. Main road (Av. Mahahual) in Mahahual on Oct 21 after the worst of Wilma was over
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