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Xcalak National Reef Park


The Xcalak community has expressed interest in finding a way to take advantage of its coastal and ocean fish resources while using conservation techniques to guarantee long-term benefits. One proposed initiative by the community is to create a Natural Protected Area, with zoning established for fishing and tourism activities. So far, a community initiative resulted in the establishment of a national park, the Parque Nacional Arrecifies de Xcalak.


The goal of reserve is to protect the natural resources of the reserve. The natural resources are threatened by local fishing, tourists visiting the area and the increase in population.


The reserve is located north and south of Xcalak. The limits are at the north side at 18°30'00" and at the Belizean border on the south side. On the east side the limit is at the 100m depth line of the Caribbean sea. The below show the exact location of the reserve including the zoning of the reserve.

The park is approx. 17,949,456 hectares.

 Flora and Fauna

The flora and fauna are abundant in the reserve. There is an incredible amount of birds, plants and marine life.

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Xcalak National Reef Park zoning

Xcalak National reef park zone map


Xcalak National Reef Park charateristics

Xcalak National reef park zone map

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